List of Accepted Papers


Recovery of Zn from Auger Press Briquettes Made from Steelmaking Sludge

Illia Tkalenko, Oleksii Kovtun, Nikita Koriuchev, Leonid Platonov, Daniel Shehovsov
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Divergence Structural Analysis of an Aircraft Tapered-Unswept Wing Using Aerodynamic Strip Theory for the Case of Flight at Sea Level

Abdalsalam Awadalla Ali Haj Ahmed, Mohammed Al-Mabrouk Abdulkarim, Al-Sadiq Amrajaa Mohammed
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Construction of a Solar Still Prototype to Reduce Extreme Water Hardness in the Mayan Community Ejido 20 de Noviembre

Edrai Elburit Marines Castillo, Erick Iroel Heredia Carrillo, Claudia Garduño GarcÍa
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