Study Effect of Silver Oxide Addition on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Composites


  •   Ismail Ibrahim Marhoon

  •   Dalia Adil Rasool

  •   Kawther Ali Dhumad

  •   Younis Swadi Tlaiaa

  •   Mohammed Ali Abdulrehman


This study included the preparation of specimens of epoxy reinforced by silver oxide. Some of their mechanical properties been studied such as hardness, compression strength and wear rate with volume fraction 2%,4%,6%. The results showed that the mechanical properties hardness and compressive were affected directly by the increase of the volume fraction of the reinforcement material. The samples with the highest volume fraction had the highest hardness and compressive strength. As for the wear test was conducted in the circumstances of changing the applied load 40,60,80 N were approved, respectively, results shown that the rate of wear increases with load increasing of all samples before and after the reinforcement. For the relationship of the rate of wear with the increasing of the volume fraction, the results showed that there is a decrease in the rate of wear with the increasing of the volume fraction.

Keywords: Epoxy, Mechanical Properties, Compressive Strength, Hardness, Wear Rate, Metal Oxide, Silver Oxide


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