Comparative Study of Solar Radiation Models for the Estimation of Solar Radiation Using Short-Term Meteorological Data in Lawra, Ghana


  •   Emmanuel A. Sarsah

  •   Adams Yunus

  •   Abdul-Rahim Bawa

  •   Joshua A. Akanbasiam


Monthly average daily global solar radiation data are essential for the design and study of solar energy systems. The performance and accuracy of eleven models for the estimation of monthly average global solar radiation were compared in this study. Nineteen months (Nov 2020 – May 2022) ground measurement data consisting of monthly mean daily sunshine duration, relative humidity, minimum and maximum temperatures, and global solar radiation collected from the Lawra Solar Plant were used. The models were compared using statistical indices. According to the indices, most of the models were in reasonably good agreement with the measured data. Two model equations, however, were found to have the highest accuracy and can thus be used to estimate monthly average global solar radiation in Lawra and other places with similar climatic conditions where radiation data is unavailable.

Keywords: Estimation, Models, Solar Radiation, Sunshine Hours


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Sarsah, E.A., Yunus, A., Bawa, A.-R. and Akanbasiam, J.A. 2023. Comparative Study of Solar Radiation Models for the Estimation of Solar Radiation Using Short-Term Meteorological Data in Lawra, Ghana. European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research. 8, 2 (Mar. 2023), 1–5. DOI:

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