Computer Simulation to Determine LHP of 4 Different Types of Transient Industrial Quenched Molybdenum Steel Bars


  •   Rahel G. Rahel

  •   Abdlmanam S. A. Elmaryami

  •   Mahmoud Abdelrazek Ahmida

  •   Abdalsalam A. A. Haj Ahmed


Simulation of hardness distribution in quenched specimens has been investigated using three-dimensional finite-element (FE) analyses which reduced into a 2-dimensional axisymmetric analysis based on Ansys Software capable of predicting temperature history; evolution hardness of four different types of Molybdenum steel bars during thermal processing of materials in quenching process is presented. The Jominy test results are used to estimate specimen hardness. specimen points hardness used to be determined through conversion of evaluated characteristic cooling time for phase transformation t8/5 into hardness. The lowest hardness point (LHP) of each quenched Molybdenum steel bar has been determined to be in mid its length in the center. Experimentally, it is quite impossible to determine this hardness value, and earlier approaches could only assess surface hardness. Normally, this value of hardness at the surface is greater than (LHP), that, under certain conditions might lead to component failure and deformation. The model can be employed to establish a cooling method to attain the required microstructure as well as mechanical properties, which include hardness.

Keywords: Axi-Symmetric Steel Bar, Heat Treatment, Modeling, Simulation, Transient Heat Transfer Quenched Steel Bar.


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