Design of Water Distribution System for Araromi Community, Ondo State Using EPANET


  •   Abideen A. Shittu

  •   James R. Adewumi


It is crucial to supply an adequate and consistent amount of water through the planned network of pipes in order to satisfy the water needs of the constantly increasing population. This research covered the design process for the water supply system for Araromi in Ondo state, Nigeria. With the aid of the program EPANET, the area's water supply plan was simulated. Due to the unavailability of concise data about Araromi as at the time of this study, this research projected a population of 1400 persons, assumed a water demand of 300 liters/person/day, and supplied an overhead tank of 17,500liters with an 8-hour maximum supply. This study provides other researchers with a foundation to build future research in Araromi Ondo State, Nigeria.

Keywords: Design, Epanet, Network, Research.


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