Electrical Power Generation System: Optimal Design for Medium-Load Industries with High-Rated Generators


  •   Md. Janibul Alam Soeb

  •   Md. Shahid Iqbal

  •   Md. Abu Naser Mojumder

  •   Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun

  •   A. S. M. Shahjalal Atik

  •   Md. Fahad Jubayer


The demand for electrical power is rapidly increasing due to the rise of industries in developing countries. Power generation stations are having troubles to strike a balance between demand and generation. In this situation, it is urged that appropriate remedial action be taken. Rising power demand can be met by designing an efficient electric power generation system which will also help lowering the generation cost. It is shown that while high rated electric power generators are connected in parallel the value of neutral current is rising and the cooling temperature is also increased. Here, the goal of this experimental work is to present a new model for designing an efficient power production system for average-load (ranging up to 8000 Amp, 440 V) industries to minimize the demand on centralized interconnected grid. A scheme is proposed with four generators (2500 kVA, 2000 kVA, 2000 kVA and 1250 KVA) in parallel and enough cooling arrangement is provided with minimal cost. The coolant temperature is maintained 61 °C to 61.5 °C and at that time diesel temperature is not more than 38.5 °C. The amount of neutral-current is also optimized (up to 8.5 Amp.) which was more than 12 Amp. At the morning and afternoon, the neutral current is almost constant, but it is bit fluctuating between 7.5 Amp to 8.2 Amp at mid-day. The final outcome shows, the suggested system is efficiently stable with the change of load and generates optimal electricity.

Keywords: distributed generation, generators, load conditions, medium load industry, power generation optimization


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