Estimation of a Planetary Gear Mesh Stiffness: An Approach Based on Minimising Error Function


  •   K. A. Olanipekun


The mesh stiffness of gear teeth is one of the major sources of excitation in gear systems. Many analytical and finite element methods have been proposed in order to determine the mesh stiffness of gears especially parallel axis spur gears. Most of these methods are not trivial because they involve complicated analyses which incorporate parameters like gear tooth error, gear spalling sizes and shapes, nonlinear contact stiffness and sliding friction before mesh stiffness can be determined. In this work, a method is proposed to determine the sun-planet and ring-planet mesh stiffnesses of a planetary gear system. This approach involves fitting a relationship between the measured natural frequencies from an experimental modal test and natural frequencies predicted using an analytical model of a planetary gear. This method is relatively easier compared to the existing methods which involve complicated analyses. For this study, the average mesh stiffness estimated is 12.5 MN/m.

Keywords: Error function, natural frequency, mesh stiffness, minimisation, planetary gear


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