Design and Implementation of an Esp32-Based Smart Embedded Industrial Poultry Farm


  •   Longinus S. Ezema

  •   Elochukwu C. Ifediora

  •   Akande A. Olukunle

  •   Nnaemeka C. Onuekwusi


Many poultry farmers are performing diverse operations manually. They, therefore, experience a huge financial loss as a result of their inability to properly automate the monitoring and control of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, air quality, and to ensure an adequate supply of light and water. These factors adversely affect the chicks and lead to respiratory, digestive, and behavioural disorders. This affects the chicks’ food intake and leads to an increase in mortality rate and chances of diseases. Therefore, this paper seeks to address these factors by developing an embedded poultry farm. The system was developed using an advanced yet low-cost and low-power System-on-Chip offering WiFi baseband processor and a plethora of peripheral interfaces for the actuators and sensors while Arduino emulator in Proteus 8 was the tool used for the design simulation. The system when tested was able to sense environmental parameter status wirelessly and responds accordingly to regulate and maintain an optimum condition for improved health condition for the chicks. The automated system will help for the purpose of improving productivity and environmental or climatic conditions in the poultry farm, making it conducive for the broiler chicks.

Keywords: Automation, Chicks, Embedded System, Industrial Poultry Farm, Microprocessor, System-on-Chip


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