Experimental Study of Twin Connected Pipe Jets


  •   Shams Sourav

  •   Ashraful Hossain Rifat

  •   Muhammed Hasnain Kabir Nayeem

  •   Md. Abu Taher Ali


Two parallel pipe jets of 20 mm diameter were placed 1.2 mm diameter apart and were connected by a 4 mm wide channel all along the central plane of the jets. The mean velocity flow field of the jets was investigated for three Reynolds number 16300, 34400 and 49200. The Reynolds number was based on the exit velocity of the jets and jet diameter. The experiment was performed in an air jet facility and yaw meter was used for measurement of mean velocity and its direction. Their variations along the longitudinal, transverse, and lateral directions have been analyzed. A significant change of the jet flow field is observed near the exit of the jet. The combined effect of the jets diminishes the presence of recirculation region at the immediate exit rather enhances the energy and momentum transfer between their individual flow fields. Static pressure and kinetic energy distribution are also studied and a momentous variations have been noticed with varying Reynolds number.

Keywords: Twin Jets, Kinetic Energy, Mean Velocity, Static Pressure, Turbulence


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