A Decision Making in Selection of Bricks Using Multiple Attribute Decision Making Methods


  •   Satish Kumar Jain


All building materials such as brick, cement, paint, lime, steel, glass, etc. of various brands with small variation in their specifications and cost are available in the markets of construction. It becomes very difficult for contractors, engineers, and owners to make right choice of materials logically to maintain good quality and minimum cost of the work. Improper choice may result in either bad quality or higher cost. Multiple Attribute Decision Making Methods are very helpful in selection of any material. These methods have been used largely in various fields of engineering for deciding best of available options. This paper presents an overview of Simple Additive Weighting Method (SAW), Weighted Product Method (WPM) and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) methods which can be simply and successfully used for selection of bricks.

Keywords: Building materials, Decision Making Methods, Brick, Performance Index, SAW, WPM, AHP


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