Development and Assessment of Cracking and Sorting Processes of Palm Kernel Nut Machine


  •   A. J. Bakri

  •   T. B. Ajayi

  •   K. O. Oladerin

  •   A. O. Mogbojuri


This paper presents a research on the Development and Assessment of the cracking and sorting processes of palm kernels nuts in a mechanical cracking machine. The palm kernel oil is an important agricultural produce, it has a wide range of usage aside from cooking. In attempt to reduce energy exploitation, in conjunction with the regular high rate of demand for products been extracted from palm kernel nut, the need to improve on the manual method of cracking and sorting became eminent. The mechanical cracker was made up of two units: the cracking and sorting unit. Experimental studies of properties of machine components were considered with the purpose of avoiding fatigue failure and fracture on the palm nuts during the processing duration. The mechanical cracker was designed, fabricated and performance evaluation carried out using locally sourced materials. It was developed with a 5hp electric motor to drive the machine coupled with belts and pulleys. The average data assessment shows a 2.01% of un-cracked nuts, 2.36% of partially cracked nuts, 93.58% of un-cracked nut and 2.05% broken nuts. The cracking-sorting efficiency was estimated at 94% and throughput capacity was determined to be 80kg/h while the overall palm kernel recovery efficiency was 85%. These suggest that the machine is very suitable for separating the palm kernel nuts from the cracked shells clearly and completely.

Keywords: Palm kernel, Cracking, Sorting, Efficiency, Feed rate


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