Design of Smart Hybrid Power Supply using Logic Circuits


  •   Ahmed M. D. E. Hassanein


Production of electrical power from sources that depends on diesel produce large amounts of pollutants to the environment. Power sources that depend on renewable energy are becoming widely implemented to decrease the dependence on diesel oil. However, different electrical sources from renewable energies work at different weather conditions which make each not a fully independent solution. In this paper, we propose a design of a smart hybrid power supply system that mixes the output power of three sources of electricity which are solar panel, battery tank and the power grid. The system prioritizes the use of each source according to its availability and its environmental impact. The solar panel has the highest priority while the power grid has the lowest priority. A design that is based on logic gates is proposed and simulated using Simulink in Matlab. The simulation results agree with the theoretical expectations.

Keywords: Hybrid Power Supply, Logic Design, Renewable Energy, Simulink, Smart Systems


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