Application of Information and Technology in Supply Chain Management: Case Study of Artificial Intelligence – A Mini Review


  •   Hieu Bui Trong

  •   Uyen Bui Thi Kim


It is wide known that the world has been moving towards a digital future over the years, and Industry 4.0 technologies are considered to be the way of the future. One of the most prominent of these technologies (including Block Chain, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, etc.) is Artificial Intelligence (AI), was introduced to develop and create “thinking machines” that are capable of mimicking, learning, and replacing human intelligence. However, its widespread acceptance as a decision-aid tool, AI has seen limited application in supply chain management (SCM). The purpose of this work is to identify the contributions of AI to SCM through a brief review of the existing literature. Besides, this paper reviews the past record of success in AI applications to SCM and identifies the most subfields of SCM in which to apply AI.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Literature Review, Overview


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