An R-L Static Var Compensator (SVC)


  •   A. J. Onah

  •   E. E. Ezema

  •   I. D. Egwuatu


Traditional static var compensators (SVCs) employ shunt reactors and capacitors. These standard reactive power shunt elements are controlled to produce rapid and variable reactive power. Power electronic devices like the thyristor etc. are used to switch them in or out of the network to which they are connected in response to system conditions. There are two basic types, namely the thyristor-controlled reactor (TCR), and the thyristor-switched capacitor (TSC). In this paper we wish to investigate a compensator where the reactor or capacitor is replaced by a series connected resistor and reactor (R-L). The performance equations are derived and applied to produce the compensator characteristics for each of the configurations. Their performances are compared, and the contrasts between them displayed. All three configurations are made to achieve unity power factor in a system.

Keywords: reactive power, static var compensator, resistor, inductor, power transmission


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