Comparing the Planck-Vacuum and Urantia-Book Depictions of the Seven-Dimensional Spacetime


  •   William C. Daywitt


This paper compares the 7-dimensional spacetime of the Planck vacuum (PV) theory to that of the Urantia Book with its total cosmological viewpoint. Results show that, where the two genres overlap, there is a total agreement between the two. The concept of “circular simultaneity” is introduced into the PV-theory lexicon. The comparison leads to the conclusion that the circular simultaneity of the Urantia Book is directly related to the annihilation equations of the electron-positron and the proton-antiproton cores of the PV theory. Juxtaposing the two genres opens up a deeper understanding for both.

Appendix A introduces an aspect to mathematical modeling that is new and unique: in the present case, the Dirac cores and the PV state are now connected to a transcendental aspect of nature that far exceeds the scope of the particle-related PV model.

Keywords: Planck Vacuum Spacetime, Urantia Book Space- time, Circular Simultaneity, Transcendental Connections


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