Automated Mobile Telecom Cell Sites System


  •   Ehigiator Iyobor Egho-Promise

  •   Bamidele Ola


Telecommunication is the transmission of traffic from one place to another in a network through a media using mobile station. Cell site is referred to as the base station of telecommunication, it is part of telecom network that allow subscribers to access services from the telecom service providers.

Cell sites depend on core network and transmission system to function, it is not a standalone network. It is the interface between mobile station and the network (core network and transmission system).

In this research, an automated mobile telecom cell site system will be designed and developed. The system will help to provide accurate and reliable online information about cell sites equipment and determine profit or loss from cell sites.

Qualitative research approach will be used in the study while interview will be employed to collect data.

Keywords: Cell Sites, Base Station, Network, Telecom


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