5G Network Deployment in Nigeria: Key Challenges and The Way Forward


  •   Cosmas Kemdirim Agubor

  •   Nkwachukwu Chukwuchekwa

  •   Longinus Sunday Ezema


Many countries are faced with different challenges in the deployment of 5G mobile wireless communication technology. These challenges have delayed the smooth rollout of this technology in these countries. Nigeria has its own issues that have hindered the implementation of this technology in the country. This paper discusses these challenges and suggestions made on what to do for the implementation of 5G technology. A survey was done by visiting and obtaining reports from two major players in the industry as well as understudying actions taken by other nations in tackling similar problems related to 5G network implementation. Based on the information gathered both from the industry and related literature some useful suggestions such as improved fiber infrastructure and relaxing regulatory barriers to encourage investors were made as a way forward for the full implementation and operation of the 5G technology in Nigeria.

Keywords: Edge computing, 5G network, optic fiber


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