Development of Radio Propagation Path Loss Model for Kaduna Town, Nigeria Using GMDH Algorithm


  •   Z. M. Abdullahi

  •   O. U. Okereke

  •   A. I. Isa

  •   A. Ozovehe


Radio propagation measurement were acquired at the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands from six (6) live base stations (BS1 to BS6) in Kaduna town, Nigeria using an Asus Zenfone enhanced with a network monitoring software (Network Cell Info Lite). The receive signal strength (RSS) measurements were taken from the BSs at a distances of 200 m apart (in dB) until the signal faded out and the measurements were taken for twelve (12) calendar months which covered all seasons of the year, the corresponding path loss were calculated which were subsequently used to develop a propagation path loss prediction model with the Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) algorithm. However, the results obtained shows very small variations between the model fit (which was the best fit curve from the measured data) and the predictions (which is the forecast). Hence, since the variations between the model fit and the predictions are not wide, with sometime the values of prediction being better than that model fit, the GMDH model is showing good prediction for Kaduna metropolis.

Keywords: GMDH, Frequency, Path Loss, Propagation


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