Energy and Economic Estimation for a Passive Solar Water Heating System Equipped with a Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Collector:


  •   Altin Maraj


The energy and the economic estimation for a passive solar water heating system under the Tirana climate conditions is performed. The trial system includes a heat pipe evacuated tube collector. To fulfil these objectives, measured values recorded every minute from the data logger of the system are used. The studied solar collector has a slope of 45° and is oriented 10° East from the South direction. The heat pipe evacuated tube collector has an aperture area of 1.476 m2. For an annual time period the irradiation on tilted solar collector area, the extracted energy from the storage tank, the delivered energy to the thermal consumer and the system efficiency were defined. Also, the economic assessment of the system is performed.

Keywords: passive system, heat pipe evacuated tube collector, system efficiency, economic estimation


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