A CPW - Fed Microstrip Monopole Antenna Employing Inverted Quad L Shaped Stubs with Symmetrical Slotted Rectangular Ring Ground Planes for GPS/PCS/UMTS and UWB Applications


  •   G. Viswanadh Raviteja

  •   T. Sarath

  •   M. Vinethra Naidu

  •   S. Baka Vikash

  •   K. Sudheer


In this research article, a simple and compact dual-band microstrip monopole antenna is discussed. A CPW feed is given to patch consisting of rectangular coplanar ground sheets on either side, truncated their centers with smaller rectangular sheets giving the shape of rectangular rings. The proposed antenna is designed using FR4 epoxy substrate having dielectric constant 4.4 and thickness 1.6mm. The main element in the antenna is four inverted L shaped stubs which govern the impedance bandwidth of the antenna. Simulations are carried out using HFSS software. The S11 plot for the proposed antenna showed dual-band characteristics with a lower band ranging from 1.09GHz to 2.33 GHz (1.24 GHz bandwidth) and the upper band covering 3.01 GHz to 10.738 GHz (7.728 GHz bandwidth). The proposed antenna bandwidth ranges of the proposed antenna will be covering the GPS, PCS and UMTS applications for lower band and UWB applications for upper band. The antenna exhibited a peak of 3.01 dB and 4.54 dB at 1.89 GHz and 9.45 GHz. Simulations are carried and all the important findings are plotted.

Keywords: microstrip monopole, CPW Feed, L shaped stubs, coplanar rectangular rings, GPS, UWB applications


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Raviteja, G.V., Sarath, T., Vinethra Naidu, M., Baka Vikash, S. and Sudheer, K. 2020. A CPW - Fed Microstrip Monopole Antenna Employing Inverted Quad L Shaped Stubs with Symmetrical Slotted Rectangular Ring Ground Planes for GPS/PCS/UMTS and UWB Applications. European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research. 5, 3 (Mar. 2020), 301–303. DOI:https://doi.org/10.24018/ejeng.2020.5.3.1825.