Study on the Spatial Radiation Characteristic by Adjusting the Violin Sound Post


  •   Yuya Nishimura

  •   Rin Ema Minami

  •   Sohei Nishimura


Violins were invented in the 16th century in Italy, many methods of manufacturing and adjusting have been developed. Certain violins are highly valued from a cultural perspective as well as for their high sound quality. However, Violin repairers have carried on techniques that have largely been transmitted verbally from generation to generation, so there is a little detailed documentation. Much research has been done to elucidate manufacturing technology and materials used for these valuable violins. This study aims to support the passing down of certain techniques from an acoustic engineering perspective. Many elements defining the timbre, but this study will be focusing on the sound post and the bridge. By clarifying the relationship of adjusting the sound post to the Spatial Radiation Characteristic, we will estimate the ideal position of the sound post and attempt to present the results in the form of a graph.

Keywords: Violin, Spatial Radiation Characteristic, Tone Color, Timbre, CT Scanning


Yuya Nishimura et al., “A Consideration on the Sound Radiation Pattern of Violin,” International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2016, PP 22-28, March 2016.

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Nishimura, Y., Minami, R.E. and Nishimura, S. 2020. Study on the Spatial Radiation Characteristic by Adjusting the Violin Sound Post. European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research. 5, 3 (Mar. 2020), 314–319. DOI: