Technological Review of Tubular Daylight Guide System from 1982 to 2020


  •   Bruno Malet-Damour

  •   Dimitri Bigot

  •   Harry Boyer


T.D.G.S., “Tubular Daylight Guidance Systems”, are natural lighting processes based on the transport of light. In 1990, they were judged by Littlefair as the most innovative technology in daylighting [1]. From 1982 to 2020, this paper is a state of the art on the different processes of tubular daylight guide systems. The key words used to carry out the census are light pipe; light tube; light guide; sun pipes; solar pipes; solar light pipes; daylight pipes; tubular skylight; sun scoop; tubular daylighting device; tubular daylight guide systems; mirrored light pipe. A classification by type of process is proposed (collection, transport or diffusion) for each technology identified in the literature. 

Keywords: Light pipe, Light tube, Light guide, Overview, Technological review


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