New Thermodynamics: Temperature, Sun’s Insolation, Thermal, and Blackbody Radiation


  •   Kent W. Mayhew


The various relationships between the temperature’s witnessed here on Earth, the Sun’s isolation, thermal energy and blackbody radiation are all poorly understood. Herein, the interrelations are examined, and a new theory concerning their relationships is presented. This also puts limitations upon temperature being related to a system’s thermal energy density. It also gives new insights into why inferences based upon infrared spectrometry, do not match those associated with heat capacities. Furthermore, new understandings concerning the inelastic nature of both intermolecular and intramolecular collisions will be proposed. This all will have profound implications to our understanding of thermodynamics, such as what is blackbody radiation, thermal radiation, and temperature, cumulating in profound implications concerning how we view global warming.

Keywords: New Thermodynamics, Blackbody Radiation, Global Warming, Temperature, Sun’s Insolation


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