Evaluation of the Current Land Registration System in the Gaza Strip


  •   Maher A. El-Hallaq

  •   Mahmoud I. El-Sheikh Eid


The increasing demand on land in Palestine has been significantly increasing from time to time by the ever rapidly growing need of the human and livestock population. It may be  known that there are some troubles facing the decision makers regarding managing and utilizing the available data in some of the governmental organizations, especially in the Gaza Strip. In addition to, what the local residents in it are facing in identifying their land properties' borders and what the municipalities are facing regarding maps and drawings. Moreover, the Gaza Strip suffers from the lack of advanced techniques that may help and support land registration such as GIS technology. Palestinian Land Authority, PLA, in the Gaza Strip starts using GIS since 2007, and that is limited by the dealings that are being accomplished, as it is all about just drawing the piece of land and recording its owner's name, in addition to the basic data regarding to the land itself and its owner. This study aims to evaluate the currently-used system for land registry in the Gaza Strip. It is concluded that this system for land information, in general, and land registry, in particular, is extremely traditional and mainly paper based procedure. It is strongly recommended to be developed in order to reflect the changes occurred regarding land information management.


Keywords: Gaza Strip, GIS, Land Registration, Palestinian Land Authority, SWOT Analysis


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