Opportunity and Challenge of Vietnamese Fleets in the Consideration of International Factors


  •   Thieu Sang Ha

  •   Phuoc Quy Phong Nguyen

  •   Thi Cam Huyen Nguyen


In order to support shipping enterprises to overcome the difficult period, gradually improve the capacity and market share of goods transport of Vietnamese shipping enterprises, under the guidance of the Government and the Ministry of Transport. The Vietnam Maritime Administration researched and developed a project to improve the market share capacity of Vietnamese import and export shipping enterprises. The project focuses on two main objectives: From now to 2015, support Vietnamese shipping enterprises to overcome difficulties and restore production; In the period after 2016, step by step raise the capacity and market share of transporting import and export goods of Vietnamese shipping enterprises. The project offers a number of solutions to win the market share for Vietnamese fleets in transporting import and export goods of state corporations such as coal, minerals, food ... recommendations on financial and taxation for businesses. The Government Office and a number of other ministries agreed that it was necessary to develop a mechanism to support Vietnamese shipping enterprises to improve their market share of cargo transport in accordance with the Resolution of the 4th Conference. on the Vietnam Sea Strategy to the year 2020.

Keywords: Fleets, International Market, International Freight, Shipping


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