A Study on Tensile Strengths of Randomly Oriented Coir/Plantain Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polyester (CPFRP) Composites


  •   Christian Ebele Chukwunyelu

  •   A. W. Nwosu

  •   Innocent Tochukwu Uzoghelu


This study focuses on determining the optimum tensile strengths of randomly oriented coir/plantain hybrid fiber reinforced polyester resin composites. The control factors of volume fraction, coupling agent and coir/plantain fiber ratio were used in forming the samples. Tensile test was conducted on the samples of Coir/plantain empty fruit bunch (CEFB) hybrid fibers and coir/plantain pseudo stem (CPS) hybrid fibers reinforced polyester resin composites respectively for the optimum tensile strengths. An OKH-600 Digital Display universal Testing Machine was used for conducting tensile tests in order to establish the control factor levels quality characteristics needed to optimize the mechanical properties being investigated. The highest signal-to-noise ratio (S/N ratio) for the quality characteristics was investigated by applying Taguchi robust design technique for the greater-the-better. The optimum values of the control factors were established for CEFB and CPS hybrid fibers reinforced polyester resin composites. The CEFB hybrid fibers reinforced polyester resin composites has the optimum tensile strength of while CPS hybrid fibers reinforced polyester resin composites has the optimum tensile strength of . The control factors contributed greatly to the tensile strength; and the CEFB hybrid fibers reinforced polyester resin composites are less in tension than that of CPS hybrid fiber.

Keywords: Coir/Plantain Hybrid Fiber, Composites, Taguchi, Tensile Strength


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