A Novel System for Processing User Interfaces


  •   Frank Edughom Ekpar


In this paper we introduce novel automatic and manual processing systems for a versatile graphical user interface comprising one or more N-dimensional background elements each of which is divided into one or more arbitrarily-shaped N-dimensional partitions, wherein each partition may contain one or more user interface elements and is associated with one or more sets of rules that define rendering, positioning, element placement and other relevant attributes and behaviors, wherein said rules can be specified in such a way as to enable said N-dimensional background to assume any desired arbitrary shape and to facilitate expansion to any desired arbitrary size without distortion or loss in quality. Our systems permit the efficient generation of intuitive graphical user interfaces in a wide variety of application domains.

Keywords: Automatic Partitioning, Manual Partitioning, User Interface Processing, Arbitrarily-Sized User Interfaces, Arbitrarily-Shaped User Interfaces, Lossless Resizing, Intuitive User Interface


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