A Mathematical Model for Predicting the Winnowing Efficiency of Bambara Groundnut Sheller


  •   Inimfon Samuel Ossom

  •   Akindele Folarin Alonge

  •   Kingsley Charles Umani

  •   Edidiong J. Bassey


A mathematical model for predicting the winnowing efficiency of bambara groundnut sheller was developed. The regression equation for model simulation was developed using Least Square Method. The model was verified and validated by fitting it into established experimental data from winnowing efficiency of already existed Bambara groundnut sheller. The result revealed that the fitted model correlated well with the experimental data with R-square value of 0.99. The winnowing efficiency obtained from the predicted model was approximately the same values with the experimental values. Therefore, the model equation was considered to be reasonably good for predicting the winnowing efficiency of bambara groundnut sheller for known values of moisture content and blower speed.

Keywords: Modeling, Moisture Content, Blower Speed, Bambara Groundnut Sheller


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