Power Loss Minimisation on 11kV Distribution Network using Feeder Reconfiguration


  •   T. O. Ale

  •   I. O. Abumere


The Distribution System can be seen as the networking line that interfaces between the large power generators and transmission lines on one hand and the electricity consumers on the other. The system can exist in different topologies among which, the radial form is popular because of its simplicity and comparative low cost of design. The problem of poor power quality and instability has been a major power systems challenge especially in Nigeria. More reliable and stable power systems among other benefits can be enjoyed when system are optimized. Hence, this paper implements the feeder reconfiguration technique as an optimization procedure to minimize the technical losses on the Ondo Road 11kV Feeder Segment. MATLAB is employed to simulate the optimization process and the results showed that an average of 85.47% active power loss reduction on all phases is obtainable with the proposed technique leading to an estimated financial saving of ?639,999.75 per hour.

Keywords: Feeder Reconfiguration, Power System Optimization, Radial Distribution Network, Backward Forward Sweep


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