Performance of 20 Watts Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Module under Yola Climate, North-East Nigeria


  •   Ndenah Markus Linah

  •   Osita C. Meludu

  •   Joseph Aidan

  •   Moses Elisha Kundwal


The performance of a 20 Watts polycrystalline silicon solar module was evaluated under Yola climatic condition. It was found that the values of short circuit current (Isc), open circuit voltage (Voc), maximum current (Imax) and maximum voltage (Vmax) of the solar module were slightly different from those labeled under Standard Test Condition (STC).This was due to lower solar irradiance under Yola climate compared to that at STC, which resulted to changes in power and efficiency of the module. The power rating of the module at STC was 20 Watts but it was found to be 12.49 Watts between 12:00 noon and 12.15 pm when the solar irradiance was 780 Wm-2. In addition, the efficiency of the module, which was 15 % at STC, was found to be 12 % at maximum irradiance of 780 Wm-2. The Fill-factor (FF) of the solar module on the other hand was 0.71 at STC but it was found to be 0.77 at solar irradiance of 780 Wm-2.

Keywords: Efficiency, Maximum Voltage, Maximum Power, Solar Irradiance, Solar Module


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