Production of Biogas from Cattle Paunch Manure


  •   Mona Khidir Mohammed

  •   G. A. Gasmelseed

  •   Mohammed H. Abuuznien


Slaughter house waste contains high levels of organic matter and pollutants. These pollutants can affect the ecosystem and public health negatively, to minimize the effects of these pollutants many treatments are used, one of these is biological treatment methods.  In this study potential of biogas production from cattle paunch manure (stomach digestion content) was investigated using a batch process laboratory scale of liters digester size. Three replicate of total solid concentration of (5%, 7%) of cattle paunch manure were mixed with (10%v/v) inoculums with control units for each concentrations at room temperature. The total amount of biogas produced   after 49 days of experiments were, 12.678 L, 11.544 L, 8.154 and 5.724 L for,  7% ,5% TS seeded sample, 7%  and 5% total solid control  respectively.

Keywords: anaerobic digestion, cattle paunch manure, biogas, total solid


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